Associazione Nazionale per l'Animazione Sociale e Culturale ("AssociAnimAzione") is a national association for social promotion.

It was founded in Milan on 20 May 2003 within the animation movement in our country, with specific references to the different souls that have characterised it.

In particular, it recognises a deep connection with the tireless and lay commitment of Don Aldo Ellena, who was a master of animation.

The AssociAnimAzione disseminates the social practice of animation, its study, experiences and production of material.

It supports experiments in which animation is called upon to measure its relevance and effectiveness.

Cultural action is at the heart of AAA, and is developed along several axes:

  • Participation in research networks on themes related to animation (e.g. Things to do with young people, generative welfare, sharing economies, collaborative platforms, etc.).
  • Participation in research networks on themes related to Animation (e.g. Things to do with young people, generative welfare, sharing economy, collaborative platforms, discussion on the playful dimension of existence, etc.).
  • Consolidation and development of the production of articles by AAA and presence in the Animazione Sociale editorial board
  • Participation in conferences and events on topics related to innovation, inclusion, the sharing economy, etc.).
  • Development of a catalogue of training opportunities on social and cultural animation, in particular by promoting an annual event of its own to relaunch the reflections developed in the organisation
  • Resumption of work on the figure of the youth worker, given the importance given by the European Union and the movements of some regions.

Planning and support for members' activities

  • The planning function fosters partnerships within and outside AAA, provides members with reflections and skills, offers them work opportunities and at the same time fulfils the mission of the association by developing animative cultures and practices while also helping to raise funds to sustain the association.
  • The planning function within AAA can have a dual function:
  • An instrumental function for the action of the members who seek partnerships within AAA to follow up and give consistency to projects of specific interest
  • A promotional function in which AAA promotes its own projects, consistent with the association's aims, which involve members also as beneficiaries.