Associazione Nazionale Alfieri della Repubblica Italiana

The national association of the Alfieri of the Italian Republic (ANARI) was established in July 2020 and consists of a group of about 100 members, who have been awarded by the President of the Italian Republic owing to their outstanding achievements in a wide range of fields.

They excel in culture, in science, in literature, in economics, in voluntary work, in sports or in arts and are involved also in multidisciplinary activities. On one hand they aim to further develop and improve both their skills and their personality in order to be regarded as positive social models for their peers, and on the other hand they hope to impact positively on society, by trying to work out solutions so as to tackle the most relevant problems and issues of young people.

We are committed to the empowerment of young people, by enabling them to address the most relevant challenges of the present and the future and to cope with the global changes occurring nowadays. Furthermore, our commitment comprises also the promotion of our country in the world, by getting in touch as well as cooperating with the most relevant institutions worldwide. Many members of our association have already acquired international experience and this expertise will be employed so as to widen our horizons both in Europe and worldwide.

We conceive ANARI as a platform for empowerment, which facilitate the processes of knowledge-transfer as well as mentoring or networking both between our members but also with the institutions and society in general.