Genuine Education Network

GEN is the bridge between Japan and the world as the community- based cultural education provider, grown past seven years with participants from more than 30 countries.

The word 'school' derives from Greek σχολή (scholē), originally meaning ‘leisure’ is now a familiar term in the Tourism industry. Travelling to encounter the other culture is a life-changing and source of creative inspiration. That is why GEN believe in the power of community-based tourism as an intercultural learning platform for global peace.

The program is highly respected Traditional Ecological knowledge underpinning sustainable local culture while enabling people worldwide to contribute to environmental problems and achieve the SDGs.

The contents are co-created with UNESCO creative cities and its citizens who are the Intangible Cultural Heritage successor. Additionally, GEN curates the cultural value with an international perspective and helps locals to be a powerful storyteller to rediscover the own cultural prides.

GEN is currently challenging a new project, 'Root and Circle to Earth', to launch in Venezia Biennale for encouraging the community's immediate shift for a circular economy model, which is dedicated to the UN campaign of the decade on Eco-system restoration 2021-2030.

Left more frequent and severe climate change is likely to cause extensive damage to biodiversity and social disruption in the community. Averting a tragedic disaster and losing traditional culture, it is inevitable to change how we produce, how we eat, how we live for more regenerate the local community. The transition is strongly required in the tourism industry and, for that matter, this for all business in every region.

The 'Root and Circle to Earth' is an installable program package for every community and local businesses like housing, restaurant, fashion, and wellness, where need to revolutionise for global green recovery after the Pandemic.