The International Research Projects Delft

Collaboration on India 2019 projects

The International Research Projects Delft (IRPdelft) is a non-profit organization run by 20 enthusiastic and selected Master of Science students from Delft University of Technology. Because of their different backgrounds and fields of study IRPdelft offers a multidisciplinary team of highly motivated and talented students. Furthermore, IRPdelft can provide your company a fresh and unbiased look at company specific research cases.

IRPdelft offers custom-made research solutions for organizations of all sizes. The research topic is determined in close collaboration with your company. After the preparatory phase, a multidisciplinary team of four students will perform a field research in a specified country. Below, an overview is given on our approach to the International Research Projects.

  • High quality research conducted by students with state-of-the-art academic knowledge.
  • Cooperation with Delft University of Technology professors before and during the research project.
  • Confidential and tailor-made research based on your proposal.
  • A fresh look at research topics by innovative students.
  • Projects carried out on a non-profit basis, backed by the IRPdelft Foundation.

David Kamp – President
[email protected]

Michiel Hickey– Treasurer
[email protected]

Johan van den Heuvel – Internal affairs
[email protected]

Freija Rozendaal – External affairs
[email protected]