Giorgia Berra

Giorgia Berra is graduated in International Sciences and European Institutions at the University of Milan with a specialization in international trade. Her goal is to deepen the economic processes of global interdependence. During her studies she spent a semester at Vytautas Magnus University in Lithuania where she began to develop her interest in the countries of Eastern Europe which led her to undertake the study of the Russian language. She is currently attending a master's degree in International Politics and Economics at the Alma Mater Studiorum in Bologna focused on the study of economics and international markets.

In addition to her studies, Giorgia collaborates with various voluntary associations. In particular, in 2020 her participation in an international youth association allowed her to undertake a volunteer experience in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia. During this period, she did not only deepen her knowledge of the Spanish language but learned in the field how crucial is the role of associations such as Mondo Internazionale that are aimed at global integration and development.

Therefore, in March 2021 she joined Mondo Internazionale as Assistant of International Activities for Latin America, precisely with the aim of contributing to the diffusion of the values ​​of improvement and social progress promoted by MI.