Giulia Pedone

Giulia was born in 1998 in Palermo and from an early age was fascinated by foreign languages and cultures. This is an interest that grew over the years thanks also to her many experiences abroad, including her stay in China during her three-year degree, when she won two scholarships for an integrated study programme in Chongqing.

After graduating in languages, Giulia decided to pursue a complementary course of study, maintaining her interest in foreign languages by delving into areas such as foreign affairs and internationalisation. She therefore continued her studies and began a Master's degree in International Sciences: China and Global Studies at the University of Turin. At the same time, she won a scholarship and completed a Master's degree in Global Marketing, Communication and Made in Italy.

Giulia is a determined, goal-oriented girl with excellent planning and organisational skills. She is also sensitive to an intercultural approach and able to work in a team, skills that she considers essential in her role as Referent for External Relations in Mondo Internazionale.

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