Martina Olivieri

Martina was born in Verona, in 1996, where she also lives now. She attended the linguistic high school where she started to study three foreign languages: English, German and French. The linguistic high school gave her the opportunity to study abroad and to develop a strong passion and interest for the other cultures. 

This passion combined with a particular interest for politics made her decide to enrol at the University of Trento at the bachelor’s degree in International Studies (International Policies and Organizations) in 2015. During the third year she decided to attend for 6 months the University of Rennes 2 in France with the Erasmus Program. In September 2018 she graduated and started to attend the master’s degree in International Science (Human Rights) at the University of Turin. Thanks to the University she had the opportunity to obtain first of all the Diploma in Migration Studies and then to serve an internship at the Italian Embassy in Dakar, Senegal. She graduated in 2021. 

Now she’s willing to put into practice all the knowledges she developed during the academic years. In Mondo Internazionale, since April 2021, she’s the referent of international activities in Subsaharan Africa.

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