Nicole Bagattini

Nicole is a 23 year old girl, raised in a small town in the province of Varese, just a short walk from Malpensa airport. After studying foreign languages during the five years of high school, she decided to explore an area that has always fascinated her: the human psyche. In 2016 she enrolled at University of Milan-Bicocca, where she graduated with honours in the bachelor degree of Psychological Sciences and Techniques. While attending university courses it became clear her passion for a particular field of psychology applied to the world of organizations. Hence she decided to continue her studies by enrolling in Psychology for Organizations: Human Resources, Marketing and Communication at Catholic University of Sacred Heart in Milan. The multidisciplinary nature of the course has allowed her to develop economic-business skills, while maintaining a solid psychological background that constitutes a highly distinctive element for the reading of organizational phenomena.
During her studies she gained some experiences by doing internships in the Human Resources field, which although brief were highly formative.
Always ready to learn and getting involved, she decided to enter the youthful and dynamic reality of Mondo Internazionale. She started as HR referent welcoming and accompanying all the members during their stay within the Association. After six months, she obtained a promotion as Deputy Director of Human Resources providing constant support to the Director in the coordination of the team. After almost a year in the association and following the resignation of the previous Director, she was identified as her substitute for the total management of the team and the maintenance of relations with the association’s leaders.
Travelling is unquestionably one of her greatest passions, along with sports and cooking. Every journey for her is a discovery, an extremely enriching experience just like this adventure into the small, great "world" of Mondo Internazionale.

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