If you think young people are the future,
If knowledge is culture and awareness,
If ambition is fulfilment.

Supporting Mondo Internazionale means backing up a young reality set up by talented young people.

A dynamic association, working with critical thinking and an holistic approach, that's deeply committed to contributing concretely and ameliorate society. Mondo Internazionale takes action and include members, who are based across the World, in research, training and information activities. The young talents that are active part of Mondo Internazionale can benefit of abilities and competences acquired over their university years and then efficiently apply them in their careers.

Mondo Internazionale consciously invested in next generations and in their own uniqueness: it in fact grants each member to join favorite activities and, above all, give the chance to develop their entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic and offer concrete opportunities.

Your support will allow us to broaden our offer, extending the range of activities and projects. We will also be allowed to go beyond both our geographical and cultural boundaries, and include as many young talents as possible: they will join us and give the most personal contribution to positively impact international community.

For more information do not hesitate to write to: [email protected]

from the bottom of our hearts for believing, as we do, in Mondo Internazionale.

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