Mondo internazionale is very committed to investing in young talents concretely and creating both professional and personal growth opportunities. Working with more than 200 members globally, Mondo Internazionale Academy, Mondo Internazionale Hub, Mondo Internazionale G.E.O. and Mondo Internazionale Post ensure, thanks to a wide network rich in specialist and experts, coming from different fields, supporting Mondo Internazionale, qualitative high continuing education. The activities of Mondo Internazionale grants all those who benefit of them to improve both of their soft and hard skills: in fact, projects, of interdisciplinary and cross-sectorial nature, are carried out on a comparative perspective and keeping a multilevel approach.

Generations Together

Our World is continuously under change and the international community has to face many challenges, daily: but Mondo Internazionale truly believes in cooperation between generations, so that individuals, as single beings and as a community as well, might take advantage of new and stimulating opportunities. Our highest ambition is to find out the common ground that ideas and needs of differently old generations can share: Mondo Internazionale, thanks to strong partnerships and collaborations, is deeply interested in giving support to already ongoing initiatives and help the new ones as much as possible.

Mondo Internazionale keeps truly at heart the urgency to develop competences, especially abilities that can be collectively helpful. In fact, the activities of Mondo Internazionale aim to develop cross-cultural and multidisciplinary skills, so that conscious growth might be enhanced. Every single individual has to be given the chance to learn and be part of the path leading to social development.

Our Method

Work ethic: sense of responsibility and commitment; entrepreneurship: dare to disrupt. Everyday we enthusiastically look at the ideas and intuitions not only of our members but also of our community, because they allow us to take challenges and proactively figure future plans. Dynamism and smartness are top priorities for Mondo Internazionale.

Mondo Internazionale directly refers to neuronal connections of our brains, and strongly desires to create human connections. In orde to connect the dots globally and assure people to relate and interact to a certain extent, get to know one another and grow, flexibility is pivotal. Flexibility matters a great deal to Mondo Internazionale, it's a conditio sine qua non in the activities of ours: we wishes to create a single and connected international network, rich in cultural traits and whose level of knowledge possesses the inner strength to sustain global challenges.