About Us

Mondo Internazionale is a not-for-profit cultural Association that has been supporting young under 35 talents since 2017: its aim, binding to an as national as international perspective, is to create a hub for young people in order to develop their passions.

Mondo Internazionale is the honest reply to the need of giving the right value on young talents' skills and abilities: its commitment, with an extensive usage of learning by doing methodology, aims to bridge the gap between university and job market. Mondo Internazionale with the support of public and private institutions, is working to give youth the opportunity to bring a positive impact on society, starting from a clear and singular learning approach.

With members based worldwide, Mondo Internazionale builds projects related to training (Mondo Internazionale Academy), research within innovation, sustainability (Mondo Internazionale Hub) and geostrategy (Mondo Internazionale Geostrategic Earth Observations - G.E.O.). Also, the editorial staff of Mondo Internazionale Post provides with daily online neutral and no-affiliated contents.


From Italy to the world

Born in Italy, we work to create new connections and entities in the World. Why ”Mondo Internazionale”? By ”Mondo” (World) we mean the set of countries and cultures that characterize them. ”Internazionale” (International) means the constant connection between the infinite facets of the globe, a great wealth for humanity. For this very reason, we collaborate at an international level as promoters of culture and creators of research

Our Philosophy

  • Digital
  • Glocal
  • No territorial boundaries limit Mondo Internazionale under any circumstance, because members are allowed to work from wherever they love: thanks to the great support of our partners, Mondo Internazionale is equipped with specific digital tools that assure organizational efficiency and clear communications among its teams. dotato di piattaforme. Mondo Internazionale has been embracing the smartworking culture since its very origins: its flexibility enhances fruitful connections between members based across the World.

  • Mondo Internazionale is truly committed to positively impact the society it lives, both nationally and internationally. Without underestimating the ability to help its land at any rate, since 2019 Mondo Internazionale has been entertaining international cooperation and has opened three headquarters abroad, namely in Nigeria, Cameroon and Ivory Coast. Mondo Internationale honesty believes in youth cooperation: this is the very reason why it wants to onboard more and more young talents originally from different countries and cultures, that in their diversity are tightly related by their deep desire for action.

Our Standpoints

  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • The diversity of its members is the concrete added value of Mondo Internazionale: day by day, ongoing dialogues and endless exchange of ideas create an ideal environment for innovation. Nonetheless, Lateral and critical thinking play a crucial role and let Mondo Internazionale foster training and research activities for the sake of social development.

  • Mondo Internazionale is extremely strict and raises a super partes voice, so that it might undertake projects and vehiculate ideas and messages across the World with appropriate method and precision. Mondo Internazionale, correctly respecting human dignity, freedom and our Planet, can't help but objectively tell world history and accidents we might expect from our future.

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