New partnership reached with Social Change School!

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  07 December 2019
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Mondo Internazionale is proud to announce the new close collaboration with Social Change School, the leading training school for professionals in the field of social change in Europe.

With offices in Milan, Rome, Madrid and Glasgow, the Social Change School has been operating since 1997 pursuing widely shared goals, since its inception, from Mondo Internazionale.

The conviction that Social Change School and Mondo Internazionale have in common is that training is the key to providing tomorrow's professionals to the world, so the investment we make is in today's young people, committing ourselves to create connections between all the organizations that work in this field by sharing our mission.

The partnership reached with Social Change School represents a further opportunity for growth for the Association, as well as an opportunity to exchange good practices with a reality that can provide experience and support for the development of Mondo Internazionale, and that can receive in exchange for proactive force of valid and enterprising youngsters.

The signing of this agreement marks a new success for the Association that is extending its network, including established companies but also young organizations, to benefit to the maximum from what the national and international scene has to offer.

To know more about the Social Change School visit the website

To discover our partners, follow the link to the section Collaborations of our website.

Do you desire to becoming our partner? For more information and to contact us, please email [email protected]

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