Mondo Internazionale - "Balcania from the Balkans to the present"

  20 April 2022
  41 seconds

On April 20th, 2022, Mondo Internazionale presented "Balcania" by Toni Capuozzo. A book that narrates the thread of the author’s memories, who for ten years has followed the conflicts of former Yugoslavia as a television correspondent. Thirty years later, when images tell us of other tragic events in the heart of Europe, what lessons do we draw from these tragic events?

This is one of the issues Michele Pavan, President of Mondo Internazionale APS ETS and the guests Benedetta Cimini, Journalist, PR and Media Relations; Toni Capuozzo, Journalist war correspondent and author of the book 'Balcania'; Francesco Ippoliti, Brigadier General (RIS) and Paolo di Giannantonio, RAI Journalist, will tackle.

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