Dott.ssa Giusy Criscuolo

Giusy Criscuolo, Journalist, War Reporter and Independent Analyst. My two years in Jerusalem developed my passion for the Middle East. Geopolitical areas of interest Meadle East, Africa, West/South Asia (Arab/Islamic countries). Focus on Armed Forces, Security and Terrorism.

Arabist convinced study Arabic, Pharsi and all that gravitates around the Islamic world. A challenging solution, but necessary to be able to better describe the areas that fall within my competence and above all to be able to empathize with a world and a people that deserve to be known.

I believe that we need to analyse sensitive issues, such as the issue of existing and evolving Islamic terrorist groups. Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, I have undertaken a "journey" to the places where the conflict is taking place. The experience in Kharkiv and the front was devastating.

From November to December 2021 I lived for a month in Iraqi Kurdistan. Four days with our Contingent in Arbil and the remaining month with Peshmerga fighters men and women. I lived with the locals in the old villages destroyed by Saddam and ISIS and my guide of excellence was a Colonel of the FS Peshmerga who fought ISIS from 2014 to 2017. The experience with the local population has allowed me to find useful material to tell the reality of the Kurdish people and that of the Yazida people.

The most significant experience was in my two years in Jerusalem with the then Franciscan Media Center (now Christian Media Center) during the Operation Cloud Column period for 2 years, from 2012 until 2014. Drafting and reporting in Palestinian territory and Israeli territory, with short trips to the West Bank and Jordan.

Since October 2022 she is Editor in Chief of Mondo Internazionale Post

What I haven’t said yet, it’s just waiting to be worked out and told.