New project: "Japan 2020"

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  17 September 2019
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Mondo Internazionale starts a new and ambitious project: Japan 2020.

With this project our Association, as it has always done, aims to create a link between the academic and business worlds, allowing participants to study and discover Japanese and Italian entrepreneurial and innovation realities in order to better understand how they work and which can be the prospects and future possibilities.

The experience will divided into two sessions: in the months leading up to the departure, Mondo Internazionale is responsible for carrying out a series of events, which will take place in Milan and which will speak present different themes, such as Japan and Italy, economic cooperation, politics in the presence of institutional partners from both countries; such events will give participants the chance to get to the heart of the issue even before they leave.

But that's not all, because the actual departure is expected in October 2020. The experience lasts fifteen days and leads the participants to discover the Japanese realities directly on the territory, allowing them direct contact with them; in all this, then, the cultural aspect maintains a fundamental aspect, guaranteeing a complete immersion in the Japanese society and tradition.

We are only at the beginning! In order not to miss any development of this unique experience, follow our social channels and if you want more information do not hesitate to contact us!

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