14 September 2019

The new English website

Mondo Internazionale translates itself into english!

Mondo Internazionale is going to open its horizons to the whole world thanks to its English website. From today the english website is going to have the same contents as the Italian one, thanks to our translation team. Mondo Internazionale's goal is to be reachable by the greatest number of people in the world; for this reason, all the contents will be available, gradually, in two languages.

This is a great opportunity for the Association that continues its growth path looking forward to achieve its goals.

Mondo Internazionale hopes that the site will be translated into as many languages ​​as possible in order to be reached and understood by the largest amount of people.

Thus began the new international path of the Association. Soon you will read many other news regarding the activities of Mondo Internazionale.

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