Let's start with a new column of TrattaMI Bene project: "Domina"

  Comunicati Stampa
  13 September 2019
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Today a TrattaMI Bene project column is born, Dŏmĭna. The meaning of the word Dŏmĭna represents a female figure with an indomitable temperament who does not allow herself to be defeated by the adversities of life. In the myths it represented the renewal linked to the Earth, to the cycles of transformation.

The dŏmĭna column is born not only from the passion we have to give voice to the feminine contribution that was fundamental from antiquity to the present day, but also from a feeling of duty to spread their knowledge.

This column is dedicated to all those female individuals who have contributed to the scientific, technological, political, social and cultural development of human civilization; to those women who have brought significant changes to the whole community.

In the past, the prejudice for which man should have an intellect superior to the woman was in force; to date it is proven, even scientifically, that certain statements have no foundation whatsoever. Women around the world have confirmed that intellectual abilities are not the monopoly of the male sex.

Dŏmĭna sets as a goal to remember, through its own publications, stories from all eras up to the current one. It is hoped that the column will honor these talented female personalities and will succeed in inspiring many other women to take them as an example to achieve their goals.

The first publication is scheduled for September 16th! All that remains is to wait until September 16th to read about Dŏmĭna!

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