Mondo Internazionale becomes Mondo Internazionale APS ETS

  13 April 2022
  47 seconds

On April 13th 2022, Mondo Internazionale officially announced its transition to Association of Social Promotion (APS) - changing the legal nature, keeping its essence.

The new logos represent the new path: Mondo Internazionale will continue to develop projects in the field of training (Mondo Internazionale Academy), research in innovation and sustainability (Mondo Internazionale Hub) and in the geostrategic field (Mondo Internazionale G.E.O. - Geo-strategic Earth Observations). In addition, through the editorial staff of Mondo Internazionale Post, Mondo Internazionale APS shares content online to make information clear and accessible to all.

Our mission remains to support the connected collaboration of a youth global network, united by the desire to cultivate their passions and develop their potential; a network that relies upon the value of international youth, intercultural, multicultural, multidisciplinary and cross-generational cooperation.

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