Within the category 'Human Rights', RAISE column wants to support the desire to dedicate a space to minors: a category that, despite needing protection and special attention, often sees its rights denied. RAISE stands for growth and development, undeniable over this phase of life. The letters that make up the term can be linked to the following expression: 'Research on Adolescence and Childhood: Challenges in the Age of Development'. The main goal of the column is to discuss a range of issues affecting the 0-18 age group, presenting latest studies and research in this area. The column deals with different aspects of children and adolescents' lives, such as mental and physical health, daily challenges they face growing up, successful educational strategies, and much more. On one hand, parents, teachers, educators and other offices included in the matter, and on the other hand, young people, children and teenagers; they are all interested in the research this initiative conducts.