Call for Papers


MInter Group Srl has produced a series of geopolitics, security and geostrategy books, "Kosmos - Discover Global Affairs" in collaboration with Mondo Internazionale APS and SpecialEurasia for the year 2022.

MInter Group Srl is a consulting firm working in the areas of geopolitical intelligence, security and business internationalization.

Mondo Internazionale APS operates in the field of Cultural Diplomacy in more than 20 countries around the world with three offices in Italy, Switzerland and Ivory Coast, conducting geopolitical analysis, training, journalism, public policy and events.

Starting in the year 2024, MInter Group and Mondo Internazionale have agreed to publish No. 2 volumes per year in addition to any sectoral publications.

Call - 2024

As part of our core mission, we are working to increase specialized insights dedicated to geopolitics, security and geostrategy, responding to the emerging need to analyze global instability factors in post-conflict, developing countries and crisis areas in order to gather and study cross-regional correlations across continents.

The Call for Papers aims to collect, map and report expert perspectives from an international group of authors, whose analysis of the chosen topics will provide a comprehensive view of the global context. Following a quality assessment conducted by the partner organizations, the best contributions received will eventually be published as part of the thematic volume citing the respective authors.


Deadlines for submission
Session I:

- Submission of full paper: April 15, 2024

Session II:
- Submission of full paper: October 15, 2024

The key topics related to the overall theme of the publication and to be addressed by the papers are as follows:

- Political, economic, social and security systems;
- Diplomatic relations;
- International cooperation between states and third-party actors;
- Roles and activities of International Organizations;
- Security and intelligence;
- Cooperation with NGOs in the area of cultural diplomacy;
- Maritime Security;
- Terrorism and counterterrorism;
- Geopolitics of Space;
- Interfaith Dialogue in Conflict Resolution;
- Direct Threats to Human Security in International Scenarios;
- Protection of Cultural Heritage during Reconstruction;
- Human trafficking and smuggling following armed conflicts;
- Sexual violence and gender-based violence in post-conflict societies;
- Climate change, mineral resource supply;
- New technologies, cyber security and drones in the international scenario;
- Drones and anti-drone systems;
- Cultural diplomacy.

Guides for authors

A biography is required for each author (135 words maximum). The chapter should be between 12 and 15 word pages in length, including abstract, keywords and bibliography. Line spacing should be set at 1.0. The required font is Times New Roman size 11. A division of the chapter into sections and/or paragraphs is required.

Bibliography and footnotes should follow Chicago style.



For information: [email protected]

Abstracts and manuscripts should be sent in word format to [email protected] with subject line: Author - title of paper.

N.B. The paper can be done in Italian or English language. The organization will notify you of the publication date.

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