27 December 2019

Happy Birthday Mondo Internazionale!

Today, December 27th, 2019, Mondo Internazionale Association celebrates two years since its foundation. Years of growth, training and research at national and international level that required a great contribution to all members and supporters.

Mondo Internazionale thanks all its Members and all those who believe and support the Association daily in everyone of its small activities, allowing it to officially launch today many brand-new products.

The Association is composed, to date, of 85 members and is present with several offices in Italy, Nigeria, Cameroon and from December 22nd also in Ivory Coast. It reaches around 86 countries among all the five continents, reaching a 1:1 gender leadership ratio.

The Association, in order to continue its path of growth and success worldwide, has decided to devote its operational capabilities in every sector in which it already operates, differentiating its activities and specializing in Training, Information, Research and Consulting. This is possible from January 1st, 2020 thanks to the establishment of three official divisions: Mondo Internazionale Academy, Mondo Internazionale Hub and Mondo Internazionale Company.

Mondo Internazionale Academy is dedicated to multidisciplinary training and information aimed at the internationalization of all students from 18 to a maximum of 30 years of age, in all areas of cultural diplomacy: international relations, legal, scientific, engineering, environmental and medical.

Mondo Internazionale Hub, the principal research body, it is also dedicated to training and information aimed at multidisciplinary innovation with particular focus on environmental and social sustainability in relation to the evolution of society.

Mondo Internazionale Company is the division dedicated to consultancy and services for private and public companies, regarding internationalization activities, social and legal responsibility and intermediation between the Parties. The work is carried out by young experts who have achieved numerous academic goals and implemented a new method of analysis in detail for several needs concerning the above-mentioned sectors.

However, Mondo Internazionale does not stop innovating itself. A new site, completely renewed, is being prepared to give the right visibility to every potential activity carried out. In the first months of 2020 it will be officially published, in Italian and in English, supported by a Newsletter platform, a new section dedicated to Events and many other surprises.

Finally, the Association has started numerous national and international negotiations, with public and private bodies, for new projects, collaborating with the various international offices to offer opportunities of excellence worldwide. Thanks to the donations received from the recent platform launched on our website, anyone interested in supporting us can help us in carrying out this wonderful life-changing project.

Thanking all the prestigious national and international Associations, Bodies, Institutions and Organizations for the collaborations signed and the projects started, the objectives for the next year are many and even more ambitious. First of all, to launch new offices abroad that could increase the international exchange of cultures, traditions and values; to create links with new partners and stakeholders to generate greater value and attractiveness towards the potential of each member of Mondo Internazionale; to increase the number of members and projects activated.

Stay updated on our website and Social Network channels so you will not miss out anything new.

Our deepest gratitude to our supporters,

Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

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