JIYO - Japan Italy Youth Opportunities

JIYO - Japan Italy Youth Opportunities - is a project created to support bilateral relations between Japan and Italy in the long term, strengthening the economic-cultural synergies between the two countries, and in particular between Companies and Startups, Universities, Institutions, and Trade Associations.
The innovation of the project lies in the central role designed for young people in supporting innovative synergies and in bringing together the entrepreneurial realities between Italy and Japan to increase their commercial relations and mutual development.
JIYO wishes to become a support tool for institutions to create a cultural dialogue between the new generations built on the values ​​of innovation and multiculturalism, fostering an opportunity for mutual exchange between young talents, with the aim of studying, proposing, and undertaking growth and innovation initiatives in Italy and Japan, consequently stimulating the growth of human capital and cross-cultural exchange through innovative collaborations in both countries.

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